PREDL® has been founded in 1992 in Bönitz (South Brandenbourg). Under the dynamic leadership of the founder, Manfred Predl, the company developed and has become an enterprise that is now active all over Europe. Together with the Austrian manufacturer of manhole base liners FASZL®, which belongs to the PREDL® Group since 2005 and which got renamed Predl AUSTRIA® in 2014, the company now employs over 150 people in its basis in Bönitz and Fernitz, and throughout its European affiliates. 

With the use of future-orientated technologies, PREDL®- Predl AUSTRIA® are now one of the biggest and most flexible manhole base liner producers of Europe. Both companies have sold over 1.5 million manhole base liners to concrete plants all over Europe. PREDL®- Predl AUSTRIA® guaranty a very performing thermoplastic production and short delivery delay of standard PP manhole base liners. Besides, a modern polyester reinforced with fiber glass (PRGF) production also assures a rapid and reliable delivery of made-to-measure special orders. The intern mould manufacturing makes it possible to react to all special market demands and creates through perpetual development of its mould outfits the conditions for a nearly inexhaustible variety of types. 

The ambition of the company is to produce the most varied range of manhole base liners within the shortest delays possible, and to make them as environmentally friendly as possible. We set ourselves high levels in the development of advanced products: PREDL® was the first to manufacture mass produced base liners from the environmentally friendly base material polypropylene and the first systematic solutions for separate canalisation (INFRA® Manhole and Multro® manhole rings) with DIBT agreement, were created in Bönitz. By taking over the Austrian manhole base liner manufacturer FASZL® in 2005 they have succeeded in combining the experience and competence of both companies and to use the resulting synergy to the utmost. FASZL® already started in 1974 to produce sewage water resistant synthetic products for canalisation and therefore contributes 40 years of experience to the PREDL®- Predl AUSTRIA® group. 

Also in the future, the manhole base liner will play the major role within the PREDL®- Predl AUSTRIA® group, we are working tirelessly to satisfy the demands of the customers in every way. At the same time, PREDL®- Predl AUSTRIA® are exploring new ways: and are offering, with the base liners franchising, interested precast concrete manufacturers for the first time the possibility to produce manhole bases on the spot according to the demand – today all over Europe, soon beyond the European frontiers as well !

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PREDL® Subsidiaries: Germany, Austria, France and Poland.

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