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We would like to thank all visitors who attended IFAT 2024.

Your interest in our products made this event a great success for us. We appreciate the inspiring discussions and many valuable contacts we were able to make during the trade show.

Thank you very much for taking the time to visit us. We look forward to developing sustainable solutions for the future together.

Renovation of a pumping station

The Burscheid construction project

The aim of the Burscheid construction project was the renovation of a pumping station from DN 2000 to DN 1800 for TWB – “Technischen Werke Burscheid” (Technical Works of the city of Burscheid/ Germany). The old pumping station was renovated as a result of concrete corrosion and leaks. The construction work to be carried out for this project was carefully worked out and precisely planned by our field service in cooperation with the client.

Two sewage pumps and an agitator were installed in the pumping station. A special benching was designed and built for the agitator (mixed fats), whereby the lower part was reinforced with steel in the GRP. The cover slab supplied for this site was also lined with GRP. The sewer structures were successfully installed thanks to good cooperation with the sewer renovation company.

Manhole-in-manhole rehabilitation Düsseldorf

As part of the rehabilitation project at the Düsseldorf Airport, the already pictured manhole S97 got rehabilitated using the manhole-in-manhole process.

The originally existing concrete channel was due to the steep slope in the manhole base and thus almost disintegrated. The channel was removed and flushed out by the strongly flowing wastewater.

The task was to produce a rehabilitation manhole-base for DN1500 and install it on site as quickly as possible, as water conservation proved to be extremely difficult due to the quantities received.

The sewer rehabilitation company has rehabilitated the manhole with our manhole-in-manhole system under the guidance of our outdoor staff Mr. Hornung.

The rehabilitation manhole-base is made out of GRP with upstand and the concrete cover plate is fully lined with GRP.

This is how the rehabilitation work was carried out:

1. Remove the cover and the old concrete cover slab DN 1500

2. Chisel out the old channel and the rest of the benching

3. Insertion and positioning of the GRP – rehabilitation base by means of shut-off bladders

4. Pouring out the annular space under the benching and the channel with grout from P&T Topolit Super Fix

5. Curing for about an hour

6. Putting on the cover slab and the ductile iron access cover

7. Making up the roadway


What is an important part of a prosperous business? Customers who trust you and your products.
We are very happy to cooperate with successful companies on an international level like LIBAUD in France.

You can see here : a fully protected concrete manhole with a PREDL base-liner and a 3mm  PP-CORPROTECT supplied by PREDL which provide a 100% long-term protection against wastewater .
Under the motto "concrete lives forever" !


Client AaSG - Wastewater plant Spremberg GmbH

Aggressive media such as wastewater not only destroy the wastewater-bearing channel area, but also attack rising components. In the course of time, wastewater has also left its mark on the screen structure in Spremberg. The total area of the structure to be rehabilitated was approx. 104 m². Due to the large surface and the way the screen is build, an intensive planning phase preceded the project, which resulted in the complex production of numerous profiles. The installation of the profiles went smoothly thanks to good preparation and the know-how brought along by the executing rehabilitation company.

The project schedule:

2019 August/ September Planning made by the consulting engineer office LUG Engineering in Cottbus, rehabilitation of the screen structure; Predl - preparation of a planning drawing for the rehabilitation with GRP- elements; prefabricated U-profile parts for insertion and grouting of the annular space with mortar (Topolit Fix Turbo) between the concrete wall and the GRP - U-profiles.

2020 January/February publication of the public tender by the consulting engineer office and the client AaSG - Wastewater plant Spremberg GmbH.


2020 March/ April - Placing of the order with the executing rehabilitation company, Schulz Bau GmbH in Torgau.

2020 June - Order from Schulz Bau GmbH to Predl for scanning the screen structure and preparation of the execution drawing for the individual elements

2020 June - Placing of order for the production of the GRP - U - profiles on the basis of the execution drawing.

2020 September - start of the installation of the GRP - U profiles - with guidance of the rehabilitation company by our application technician Mr. Thomas Mammitzsch

2020 November - Completion of the installation of the U - profiles and corner rail by the company Schulz Bau GmbH.

2020 December - Commissioning of the screen structure by AG SWAZ – Spremberg.

Production of a dry weather gutter

Thanks to our in-house mould construction department and our modern GRP production, we are able to react quickly to special designs and produce them with the highest quality standards. 
The dry weather gutter shown here was manufactured using the hand laminate process (GRP). Since the production of GRP components from glass fibre reinforced plastics is a purely manual application, the experience and skills of the person producing them are very important.
Based on these prerequisites, it is possible for us to produce correspondingly high-quality products.