Concrete and PREDL base liner - the perfect connection!

The PREDL base liner protects for long-term the concrete in the channel and on the benching from aggressions of the waste waters. The optimal hydraulic of the channel assures a problem free running of the canal and reduces the maintanance.

Made to protect your manholes from the harshest elements while safeguarding the environment, PREDL base liner is the future of manhole liners. Our unique bonding bridges ensure a secure fit to concrete precast, providing long-lasting protection for your infrastructure. Plus, our inlets come in various angles and shapes to fit your needs!

The PREDL Base liner has an impressive lifespan of over 80 years, providing a long-lasting solution for manhole lining. It's high-quality materials and manufacturing processes ensure durabiity and resistance to degradation.

Advantages that convince:

  • corossion proof & H2S resistant
  • prevent Inflow and Infiltration
  • customized to fit any shape or size
  • high lifespan -> low maintanance
  • firm anchoring in concrete
  • the right connection for nearly any pipe

Product Folder

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Zeichnungen Schachtboden

PP manhole base liner

The standard range of manhole-base-liners up to DN 1000 is made of polypropylene.


FRP manhole base liner

Special designs, as well as nominal sizes above DN 1000, are made of proven glass-fiber reinforced plastic.

Gutachten Schachtboden PP GFK

Bonding bridges

Ensure a tight bond with the concrete.

Bell / Sleeve

Bells for almost any pipe. For a safe connection to the pipe.